2016 Competitors



Julien Miguel is from Colorado and is the 2015 North American Men’s Pole Dance Champion. In 2015 he started his journey competing and is happy to say it has taken him to his first international competition in France this year. Besides his obvious love for Pole, Julien looooooves Massachusetts and is so ecstatic to be visiting there on his birthday weekend for the first ever Mr Pole Dance America! He is excited to explore and perform his more sultry side of pole, since that’s what intrigued him in the first place, his first pole crush ever was GiGi McGuire, a famous exotic dancer. He can’t wait to hair flip the night away!



Brian Wolf, born in Colorado and now living in Los Angeles, California and is an avid pole athlete in the community. Brian begain poling in 2013, when he was introduced to pole by his mentor & coach Veronica Nichols. Brian is currently the title holder for 2016 Pacific Pole Men’s Pro Champion as well as 2016 National Aerial Pole Art Men’s Allstar Champion. Brian has athletic training in: Pole, Hip-hop, jazz, jazz funk, vogue, burlesque, and fire dance. On top of competing Brian has also performed in numerous pole shows in California.